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Air cushion bags 20×30 cm

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Air cushion bags 20×30 cm, 400 pieces in a box

These pouches absorb shock and impact, preventing scratches and damage to your delicate products. The adhesive strip makes the air cushion bag very easy to close. This makes this a quick and easy way to provide long-term protection for your products. See here for alternative sizes.


Air cushion bags 20×30 cm

– Size 20 x 30 cm
– 400 pieces per box
– Low density polyethylene film (LDPE) 80 microns.
– Ultra-strong thanks to the 2 PE film layers between which the bubble wrap is placed.
– User-friendly
– Light
– Recyclable
– Self-adhesive closure on the short side

  • Dimensions:
    25 × 30 cm