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Air cushion bags 40×60 cm

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Air cushion bags 40×60 cm, 75 pieces in a box

Air cushion bags are perfect for packing and shipping fragile products. Because the pouches are made of many air cushions, your product is optimally protected from shocks, bumps and scratches. The adhesive strip makes it very easy to close the bag. See here for alternative sizes.


Air cushion bags 40×60 cm

– Size 40 x 60 cm
– 75 pieces per box
– Low density polyethylene film (LDPE) 80 microns.
– Ultra-strong thanks to the 2 PE film layers between which the bubble wrap is placed.
– User-friendly
– Light
– Recyclable
– Self-adhesive closure on the short side

  • Dimensions:
    40 × 60 cm