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Cardboard envelope CP 15.02 Colompac

Colompac CP 15.02 mini corrugated cardboard envelope size 270×185 mm



CP 15.02 mini golf cardboard envelopes size 270×185 mm
colompac CP 15.02 mini golf cardboard envelope

closure long side / CP015.02/ 1502

Suitable for brochures, magazines, catalogs, storage media and more.

  • The secure ColomPac® self-adhesive closure saves time and additional locking devices
  • With integrated tear strip for quick and easy opening
  • Fills quickly on the long side – ideal for large shippers!
  • Variable filling height
  • Better utilization of space on the pallet by F-wave
  • Extremely stable buckling resistance due to stable corrugated board
  • Surrounding edge and corner protection
  • FSC® certified and climate neutral
  • Dimensions:
    27 × 18.5 × 5 cm