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Standby box Colompac CP 121.150

Do you need personalized boxes for your business? Colompac’s preparedness boxes can be personalized with a printing of your own logo, company name or slogan. In addition, these boxes are convenient to use because you easily flip open the lid and bottom and slide them over each other. This way you can quickly finish packing your product. The dimensions of this preparedness box are 311 x 223 x 150 mm, other sizes of preparedness boxes can be found in our webshop.



Colompac CP 121.150 minigolf kartonnen drukwerk doosjes formaat 311 x 223 x 150 mm
printed matter box
Standby box Colompac CP 121.150

  • Dimensions:
    30.5 × 21.5 × 15 cm