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Shipping box double corrugated 60x40x30 cm

American folding boxes double corrugated 600x400x300 mm Brown

135 pieces on a pallet

Double corrugated cardboard boxes can be used to store products in a warehouse. These boxes are also very suitable as shipping boxes. The double-wave protects the product well against moisture, shocks, tears, impacts and temperature changes. You close the box easily with tape.



Shipping box double corrugated 60x40x30 cm outer size

internal dimensions 590x390x280 mm

This American double wave box is suitable for storing or shipping your medium and fragile products.


  • Material: Testliner corrugated cardboard
  • Color: Brown
  • Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 300 mm
  • Maximum weight: < 40 kg
  • Dual shock protection
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Resistant to temperature and humidity variations.
  • LNE standard.
  • Supplied flat.


  • Dimensions:
    60 × 40 × 30 cm

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